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by Brian Cook

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This is a collection of songs I've written over the past few years and includes covers of friends' songs.


released October 4, 2015

Recorded by Rob McNurlin at Buffalo Skinner Recordings and Production

All music and lyrics written and performed by Brian Cook, except:
"Fanfare" - music and lyrics by Jesse Riggs
"Strip Poker Waltz" - music and lyrics by Rob McNurlin
"(Sun/Moon)" - lyrics by Jesse Riggs
"Moving Pictures" - percussion by Bill Stambaugh



all rights reserved


Brian Cook Ashland, Kentucky

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Track Name: TMCW Theeme Song
Thee Most Complicated Wristwatches are worth several hundred thousand dollars and they come with a certificate of authenticity, and they go tick tock, etc.
Track Name: Bruno
Hey, Guy.
I finished my part of our little scheme; I even remembered your lighter.
Hey, Guy.
Don't you worry, no one saw me; by the way, you're backhand's looking tighter.

Criss cross, just like we planned it.
No one could pen you for
His loss, it's a perfect plan.
No one deserves this fate more.

Hey, Guy.
I really think it's time to make your move; you know I hate to be a bother.
Hey, Guy.
Did you get the package that I sent? I'll say one last "good night" to Father.


Hey, Guy.
I see you've no intent to follow through; I would have never thought you yellow.
Hey, Guy.
Double-crossing me was a mistake, for I'm a very clever fellow.

Track Name: Moving Pictures
Tearin' through the green.
Playin' back the scene.
Nostalgic for lost time living somewhere in between.

I don't recall your name.
I loved you just the same.
Shadows of what's long ago are all that's left in frame.

We walk before we learn to crawl.
Never minding the writing on the wall.
We have been clothed in a cocoon,
Emerging much too soon,
Racing for the sun and then pining for the moon.

At last our hand is played.
The moment now betrayed.
Reaching for your fingers as the print begins to fade.


It isn't what you do.
And it's not what you say.
How you make the other feel is all that will remain.
Track Name: Fanfare
There's the princess ready to be wed,
With her diamond tiara adorning her head
But her thoughts do strictly dread loss of virginity

And she never wants to go home,
No she never, ever wants to go home
When the fanfare plays everyone falls to their knees

There's the prince, his vows have been said,
Eager to take his princess to bed
But his thoughts do strictly dread infinite fidelity


There's the Bishop ready to preside
With his lovely little altar boys by his side
But he's already dead inside from spiritual duplicity


There's the crowd flanking either side,
Ready to give three cheers to the bride
But their already dead inside from toil in perpetuity


All the pomp and circumstance
Might stave off despair perhaps
But in the end will only enhance grim reality

At least there's a home to go home to,
At least there is a home to go to
When the fanfare plays everyone must go home

Lyrics printed by permission.
Track Name: Where Are They Now?
I met Christina one cold Wednesday, just a child with a grim expression
Though she's lightened up since then, her heavy scowl left an impression
She grew up and cut her hair, left behind her youthful purity
Embraced her carnal side and later faded into obscurity

I wish we could be young again,
I think about you now and then

Where are you now, Christina?

I met Anna in the fall, a girl with a death fascination
Hypochondriac at best, still she was my heart's temptation
Yet she had no eyes for me, only for her English teacher
So compelling was she, they made her story a double feature

Your smile made my head twirl,
I wish that you had been my girl

Where are you now, Anna?

And Danielle, she was my muse; a flower child and quite erratic
To exclaim she was my soul mate would not be overdramatic
With flowing hair, a healthy glow; her full lips were quite exotic
But she had another beau, one too clueless and neurotic

Now that your mystery's unfurled
Maybe we'll meet in other world

Where are you now, Danielle?

The say we romanticize the past
But that's how we make our memories last
Track Name: Strip Poker Waltz
It's a hard card to play
Break of day
Stayin' awake
Got up late
Find a date
Clean your plate
The hand of fate
It's a hard card to play

It's a hard card to play
Lookin' for thrills
All kinds of pills
Pay the bills
Learn a skill
Cure the ills
Cross on the hill
It's a hard card to play

If you can't find me tomorrow
Tell you where I'll be
Holed up in a card game
Just life, death and me

It's a hard card to play
Go to school
Don't be fooled
Learn what's cool
The Golden Rule
Work like a mule
It seems so cruel
It's a hard card to play

It's a hard card to play
Shun the drugs
Kill the bugs
Tighten the lugs
Stand up t' the thugs
Find a love
And all that stuff
It's a hard card to play


Lyrics printed by permission.
Track Name: (Sun/Moon)
Sun, go down
I want the moonlight
I want the nighttime

Moon, go down
I want the sunlight
I want the daytime

My sweetheart,
You are the sunshine
You are the moonlight
Track Name: Volleyball/Hot Girls Have Problems Too
You are much too beautiful to play volleyball
Your looks would be a distraction to the sport
You're the only one they'd watch if you played volleyball
The coach would try to keep you off the court

Don't be sad, there're more careers to choose
It's just that volleyball is not the one for you

You are far too fetching to be in nursing
Your patients' vital signs would all be skewed
The call light would stay busy if you were in nursing
You'd spend all of your time being pursued

Don't get mad, there're more careers to choose
It's just that medicine is not the one for you

You are too, too exquisite to be an artist
Though another's work would not be quainter
I know you've often dreamed someday to be an artist
But the canvas would never equal the painter

It's not so bad, there're more careers to choose
It's just that artistry is not the one for you

It's not so bad, there're more careers to choose
It's just that none of these are right for you

So what to do if you can never play volleyball
And nursing and artistry aren't fitting
Though I truly believe you could succeed in all
Perhaps you should just spend your time with me

Coda: "Hot Girls Have Problems Too"